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I was thinking for a while now about starting my blog for my website, I didn't know exactly what I shall write about which can be relevant to the products which I sell. I thought that most of my products are derived from Islamic architect, interior design and surely it was derived from the history of this region which I belong to and have surely influenced me personally.

I thought first that I can write a blog about Mosques but I found that this part has been covered before by many scholars and interested parties either in the middle-eastern region or even in the western. I wanted to write about something which can have value to whoever is interested in this part of the world. Undoubtedly, my products have a very strong relation to history but I didn't want to make a boring study about history which I am sure so many historians have done more interestingly and comprehensively.

That is why I thought about focusing on my products and start digging deeper into my products' origins and history. Those products have roots which can also talk about the rich history of the region. A region where the three heavenly religions; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam were originated. A region witnessed the cradle of civilizations. All of this makes understanding the culture of this region very complicated. This culture is always reflected in mankind's products throughout history. And because my products are mainly handmade items which are inspired by ancient artisans throughout history, I found that digging for the origin of those products a very rich substance which can be a very good entry to understanding the context of the history of the simple mankind not only the well-known historical figures.

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