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About Us

We are a company located in Egypt; we deal directly with manufacturers of all of the items we sell and we do our best to provide best quality items with very competitive prices. We have been working in the field for more than seven years and our goal has been always to maintain a strong and long-term relation with our customers, that makes our customer satisfaction comes number one objective.

Address: 112 5th settlement Phone: +202 256 11019 Email: sales@arabiacraft.com

Shipping And Returns

We guarantee to provide best quality items and to deliver all of our items within 30 days from the time of payment in case of standard shipment and within a week in case of expedited shipment; we are also obliged to provide a tracking number for all of our shipments. In case of any delay we are obliged to provide the customer with compensation and in case of loss or damaged items during shipment we are committed to provide the customer with a full refund of payment.

Privacy Policy

We appreciate our relation with all of our customers. We do our best to build the relation based on respect and discretion. We promise all of our customers the confidentiality of all their information, and not sharing any of their personal information with any institution either a profit oriented one or others.

Shipping And Returns

We provide a tracking number to all of our shipments within three days from the time of payment. We ship to almost all countries of the world, the time needed for delivery vavies from one country to another but the maximum it can take is 30 days.