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Octagonal Mother of Pearl Moroccan Coffee Side table Small

Octagonal Mother of Pearl Moroccan Coffee Side table Small Octagonal Mother of Pearl Moroccan Coffee Side table Small

Handmade Octagonal Mother of Pearl Moroccan Side Table

Price: $224.34

item number: 117

HandCrafted of Genuine Mother of Pearl


Width: 13 inches Length: 13 inches Height: 18 inches


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We ship to the rest of the world using EMS Expedited Service which takes 6-11 working days for delivery

Tracking Number is provided within 24 hrs from the time of payment

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Handmade Octagonal Mother of Pearl Moroccan Side Table

Moroccan Octagonal Mother of Pearl Side Table made of high quality beech wood and have mother of pearl carefully inlaid all over the piece. The mother of pearl is inlaid in a star shape which surrounds small pieces of round red pieces and is scattered all over the table to form such admirable look.

The Moroccan table wood is splattered with high quality dark wood tone color which adds more beauty to the piece. The combination of this color with the mother of pearl which is cut and inlaid all over the piece makes this piece suits different types of decoration including modern, classical…etc.

The size of the Mother of Pearl table is relatively small which makes it perfectly fit as a side table which can be handy to carry within any place within the room.

In addition, the legs of the Moroccan Table has a very unique shape which makes it acquires the spirit of the Moroccan architect.

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